"This is the God of copying software!" — Abrah Sullivan, Founder & CEO


How much POWER do you want in your program?  On December 17, 2008, two developers at Inventory Backup stumbled upon what has been described as "the God of copying software.This program is so powerful that our founder considered not releasing it to the public.  Good thing we convinced her otherwise!

"OK, I'm interested.  What can it do?"

The Deluxe Version is everything the Standard Version is, except it takes every texture, skin, and piece of clothing that it takes from Second Life and it saves it as a TGA, as well as a JP2, file.

"TGA?  What's the difference between TGA and JP2?"

A TGA file will be, in simple terms, a perfect copy of the texture or skin you take from Second Life.  If you want to backup your skin, you will need the Deluxe Version to capture a TGA file of the skin or texture you're taking.  JP2 files are much too small in size, and as such their quality is very poor compared to TGA files.

"So if I wanted to backup my skin, I need this version?"

Yes you do.  The Standard Version will only save skins as JP2 files, the quality will be horrible!  The Deluxe Version will allow you to save your skin in such a perfect quality that you can upload it back into Second Life and have a full-perm copy of the texture!

"Oh, so if I wanted to make my custom tattoos I could?"

Yes!  When you get the texture of the skin, you can do any custom modification you want to it!  We have a lot of customers who like putting their tattoos with their skin so it never comes off!  You can do all of this with the Deluxe Version!

"I want to go to Open Sim or some of the other grids, will this work?"

Yes.  In fact, this is the version you NEED!  When you go to another grid you'll need to upload all of the textures, and if they are all in TGA format, you'll get perfect quality textures in your new grid.

"Sounds good!  Do I get anything else with the Deluxe Version?"

Oh yes!  All of our versions come with basic video tutorials, members only website access, and additional re-downloads, but the Standard Version only comes with 1 additional download, and the Deluxe Version comes with two re-downloads.  You also get access to free upgrades should we put out a new version!

"Where can I get the Deluxe Version?"

You can purchase the Deluxe Version at our store in Second Life.  Click on the SLurl link below and you'll be given a landmark.  If it doesn't work for you, just search for Inventory Backup in Second Life and look for the store with the big, yellow letters.


We have sold the Deluxe Version since December 2008.  It has been our most-sold program.  Our customers buy the Deluxe Version nearly 5:1 over the Standard Version, and with good reason!  If you're going to spend your money, why not get the best?