Hello and welcome to Inventory Backup!

[ 12/25/10 ]

Hello Fans and Supporters:

It is with an unfortunate turn of events that we are forced to stop production and support for Inventory Backup.  Linden Lab has made far too many changes to their back end systems for us to keep up.  As such the program does not work as intended right now.  Should the time arise when it does, we will reopen Inventory Backup.

Thank you.

You've all heard about it, some of you might have seen it, and now it's your chance to get it!  Inventory Backup is going for as low as L$3,000!   Built upon the code of Cobybot, Inventory Backup does everything Copybot does, but better and legally!

Compare our price to other programs and you'll see why getting Inventory Backup is the smart choice!

"What can this program do?"

It can copy no modify, no copy, and no transfer items!  It can copy prims, complex objects, sculpties, textures, skins, clothes, tattoos, and even particle scripts!  It can also move items from Second Life over to OpenSim, it can clone other users of Second Life and can host unlimited bots to either be used for camping or raising traffic!

"So is this Copybot?"

It's better than Copybot!  Inventory Backup was built on the Copybot code.  We've made it more stable, took out the spyware and viruses, and even submitted our version to Linden Lab's legal team for their approval!

"What will I get with the program?"

You will also get access to our video tutorials, additional re-downloads (in case you lose the program),and access to our members only site!

Cool!  So is this LEGAL to use?"

YES!  That's the great part about it!  Why risk getting banned for using Copybot when you can use our program legally?

"Can I copy other people's stuff?"

Yes you can, but copying other people's stuff without their permission is illegal and you could be banned.  Inventory Backup is a very powerful program, please respect content creators and use it responsibly. 

"Do I need to know anything else?"

Before you purchase Inventory Backup, please read all available literature.  Also look for our Deluxe Version, it does everything the standard version does but more!  Both are available at our store.

"Great!  I want it, where do I get it?"

Just visit us in Second Life, click on the SLurl link below and you'll be given a landmark.  If it doesn't work for you, just search for Inventory Backup in Second Life and look for the store with the big, yellow letters.


"Oh hey!  Can I pay with PayPal?"

Yes, we accept PayPal.

We like to hear what our customers think!  If you'd like your review to be posted, please send it!  Please include your general location.  We cannot promise posting, but if your review is selected we will give you 200L.

Jon from Second Life wrote, "My thanks to the Inventory Backup team, they helped me with my problem even when they were going through their own problems. They are a great team and I recommend this service to anyone."

Kim from Utah
wrote, "Thanks so much!  I'm really computer stupid and I was hesitant at first, but a friend recommended your product to me so I got it.  The videos made it SO easy, even *I* could get it working."

Craig C. from the U.S.
wrote, "I was stressing over the move from Second Life to OpenSim.  A friend told me about Inventory Backup.  I had some questions and your tech support answered them within 20 minutes! I'm so happy I purchased this product that I referred a friend and got 800L for it!  What's not to love?"

Alice from the U.K. wrote, "I tried the 3000 linden one first and wanted to get the 8000 one instead.  You  were very kind and made it easy to upgrade, now I have backup copies of all of my things and I feel much safer in my purchasing.  Cheers!"

John from California wrote, "I normally don't write these, but I was having such a hard time getting this product to work that when your tech guy got on voice chat with me and walked me through it, I wanted everyone to know the level of care you guys give.  Thanks for making this stuff so easy, even for old guys like me, next time I'll watch the videos FIRST."

Alex wrote, "I bought this super expensive item in SL a while ago.  I put it on and half of the textures were lost by SL.  I was so mad, the Lindens couldn't help and the store owner refused to give me a new copy.  I bought this because I wanted to insure things I bought stayed usable forever, not until SL decides to erase it.  I have used it for a week now and I like this program, it makes perfect copies."

Disclaimer: SL, PayPal, and any programs mentioned, are copyright of their respective companies.  We do not own nor have any affiliation with any product mentioned on our website or in the videos.  The only items that may legally be copied under SL's tos and community standards and IP rights are items you own or create.